group of people working together with laptops

Removing barriers

GiveCamp NWA is both a 501c3 nonprofit organization and an annual event of the same name. Our mission is empowering nonprofits to be both more effective and efficient through technology.

We all hear that word “empower” a lot. So, what does that mean for GiveCamp NWA? For us, it means helping nonprofits remove barriers that prevent them from serving their audience as well as they would like. It could be as simple as a new website. Simple to build, but complex in its ability to communicate, advocate, and engage.

Here is the great thing. We also empower our volunteers. We hear every year how volunteers love learning about the nonprofits and how they appreciate the ability to stretch their skills, make connections, and, most importantly, make a difference.

We are all empowered by individuals and companies who remove financial barriers by sponsoring our activities.

As an organization, we have been serving Northwest Arkansas for more than a decade. We formed our 501c3 in 2018 and are working to grow our organization’s impact through partnering with various other organizations and individuals.

We are serious about what we do ... and we have a blast doing it.

We take our work pretty darn serious. After all, the projects we complete affect thousands of people every year. But we are far from a boring office environment. We believe in having fun while we work and that means music, food, and friends.   Who knew that technology could be such a hoot? 

We need each other

GiveCamp NWA has three key components that make what we do possible. If we lose one, we would cease to exist, cease to have the ability to make a difference for anyone.