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Volunteer Experience

Here’s a few details about the application and project completion process for our annual event that you need to know.

A Little About Volunteering and What To Expect.

Volunteer Process

After we get a list of approved nonprofits (see that process on the Nonprofit page), we will open volunteer applications. This usually is in August and we will shut down open applications in mid-September. We will continue to try and recruit any open positions after that time if necessary.

About 95 percent of the time, we accept all volunteer applications unless we don’t think we have enough work for you to do. We might follow up with you to learn more about your skill level and comfort level with certain project tasks. This often happens when we have a specific need we need to fill.

Here’s the tricky part and the reason some of the organization team are losing their hair! The team placements for volunteers tends to remain fluid right up to the time of the event. We are working to improve the process to where you are notified which team you’re on and role a week or two before the event, but please understand sometimes assignments can change if volunteers drop out at the last minute.

Once you arrive at GiveCamp, you will meet with your team and develop a gameplan for the rest of the weekend. The goal of every GiveCamp NWA weekend event is to produce a turnkey project to the nonprofit. The nonprofits are also required to have support for the technology after they leave GiveCamp, which is why we avoid hardcoding or doing complex solutions as much as possible.

Volunteer Guidelines

We appreciate more than we can say that our volunteers are willing to give their time and talent to this cause. We want everyone to have an amazing experience so we have these guidelines to make that happen.

  • Respect everyone at the event. We have lots of different backgrounds and belief systems in one space.
  • We are all there for a common cause and this isn’t the place for trying to get hired or to show off.
  • We know many of our volunteers have high levels of expertise but sometimes you will be needed to do tasks that are more simple than you’re accustomed to doing. We will always work to get you in a position that uses your talents.
  • We give volunteers the opportunity to privately ask to be placed on a different team if there is a conflict of interest. If you are placed on a team that is for a nonprofit that doesn’t offend you, but you’re “just not interested,” please consider this an opporunity to learn about something new.
  • Communicate with your team, especially the GiveCamp organizers and your Project Manager! This means returning messages in a timely manner and letting us know as soon as possible if you are unable to participate.