Why Givecamp NWA?

Northwest Arkansas has many nonprofits serving needs in our community. Nonprofit organizations can reach so many more people if they have the technology to accomplish their goals.

That’s where we come in.

GiveCamp NWA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses solely on serving other nonprofits through providing various technology tools. Our main focus is our annual event which shares the name of our organization but as we enter a new decade, our goal is to partner with other organizations to find ways to make a difference all year long.

That’s where you come in. 

We are a small, dedicated team of volunteers but we need many more people involved to make what we do possible. We need:

  • Nonprofits to partner with
  • Volunteers to serve
  • Sponsors to provide the means to make the GiveCamp magic happen.

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Why Technology?

We choose technology as our mission because we firmly believe that by providing free technology solutions, we can have the biggest impact for the most nonprofits.

Tell their story

Nonprofits must have a way of telling their story in a way that reaches a variety of audiences. You wouldn’t believe how many organizations we work with who say “no one knows we’re here or what we do.” Something simple like a new website creates a place where the NPO can tell their story on their own terms.

Collect information

Nonprofits are empowered by having as much information as possible including surveys, entry forms, and client results. We can’t even imagine how difficult it used to be to collect that by hand!

Interact with clients

Clients of nonprofits often get their first information about the nonprofit via technology. Whether its communicating resources, tracking information, or managing client cases, technology makes client interaction much better.

Recruiting volunteers

Without people offering their time and talent, nonprofits could not make nearly as powerful of a difference. Nonprofits can use their website and other tools to recruit, educate, and retain volunteers.

Engaging sponsors

Sponsors are more than a financial source. They are a partner that uses their finances, influence, and other resources to make a difference. Nonprofits use technology to engage, manage, and acknowledge sponsors of all levels.

Accept donations

From sponsorship payments to individual donors to even selling event tickets or swag, nonprofits need a secure, easy way to accept financial payments. They also need a way to record and track every transaction and technology makes that more accurate and efficient.

Organize information

Anything from using a CRM to organizing data to submit for grants, information management is vital for any nonprofit. Using technology makes this much more efficient and reliable.

So much more

The possibilities for how technology can make a difference for nonprofits and their clients seems endless! We look forward to the new, cool advances that are sure to come.

Need a new website? 

Are you a nonprofit organization that serves NWA and need a new website? Apply now for GiveCamp NWA ! 

Got time and talent?

We need at least 60 volunteers for our annual GiveCamp event, but the opportunities don’t stop there. Learn more how you can be involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are both a 501c3 nonprofit organization and an annual event of the same name. The focus of both is providing free or affordable technology tools for nonprofits serving our community. Learn more about GiveCamp.

The mission of GiveCamp NWA is to enrich the missions of fellow nonprofits by implementing or enhancing free technology solutions.

We usually host GiveCamp around the first weekend of October. Details, including signups for volunteers, nonprofits, and sponsors comes out each summer. You can find out more about the event on our Events page.

Up until now, our focus has been our annual event. We are hoping to expand into other collaborations and awareness events soon!

We will promote them heavily on social media and they will be shared on our events page.

Glad you asked! We have a growing number of opportunities for you to be involved. A big thing for us is awareness. Each year, we feel like we are re-educating people on who we are and what we do. Help us keep up awareness throughout the year. We would love to talk to your organization, do media interviews, and of course, there’s always social media! We are also developing a larger committee to help get all the GiveCamp things done. Volunteers and sponsors are especially needed for our big annual event.