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GiveCamp NWA empowers NWA nonprofits with free, turnkey technology solutions to help you get noticed, raise money, and attract volunteers.

Next GiveCamp: October 4-6 2024


GiveCamp Weekend is our annual, three-day event that happens the first weekend of every October. It’s when our volunteers and nonprofits collaborate to write, design, and build a professional web presence. This technology empowers nonprofits to do what they do best- making Northwest Arkansas a better place to live.


We are a group of volunteers from the digital industries who gather around a virtual campfire to help NWA nonprofits fan their mission from flickering embers into flames. Each GiveCamp Weekend would be impossible without all three key “campers”: volunteers, the nonprofits we serve, and sponsors who make it all possible.


center for nonprofits at st mary's in rogers arkansas

Here at GiveCamp NWA, we have a saying, “one weekend, thousands served.” By creating free tech resources for nonprofits, we make it easier for them to raise money, gain volunteers, and build more awareness. Our events also give volunteers and sponsors to give back to their community in an impactful way.

Weekend Schedule


Doors open at 5:30pm

Kickoff and dinner at 6:00pm

Doors close at 10:00pm


Doors open 8:00am

Lunch mid day

Dinner in the evening

Doors close at 10:00pm


Doors open 8:00am

Lunch mid day

Code Complete at 3:00pm

Followed by presentations and dismissal.

Since its inception in 2007, the national GiveCamp program has provided benefits to hundreds of nonprofits across the country.​

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