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Connecting the dots

Volunteers are the only way that we can make GiveCamp happen. Whether you’re donating your time and talent for our weekend-long event, or serving on our committee, or finding other ways to serve, volunteers are vital to our ability to affect thousands of people through our nonprofit projects.

By volunteering, you are connecting the proverbial dots between nonprofits and those they serve. You are also able to potentially find new passions, new friendships, and making new connections that improve your life and the lives of others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our biggest need for volunteers will always be our annual event where we bring about 75 volunteers together to complete about a dozen projects in less than three days. We usually open volunteer applications in August and will stop taking applications usually around mid-September.

As we grow and create more opportunities, the volunteer opportunities throughout the year will increase. Always keep an eye on social media and our newsletter to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Let’s take a look at what kind of volunteers we usually need for GiveCamp NWA.

Who We Need

As we grow, our needs for diverse talent also grows. Here are the key roles that we need each year for our annual event. We will seek out other volunteers as we develop more events.

Organization Committee

Group of three people that are the organizing commiteee
Right now, the organizing committee is three folks. We need you!

Up until now, GiveCamp has been organized by only 2-3 people each year. We will be developing a committee to help with this process. More folks getting involved with give us better perspective and will lighten the load.

Project Managers will need to get involved earlier in the process than ever before. Your job would be to connect with the nonprofit, determine their specific project needs, and working with your fellow team members to make sure the team produces a professional quality, turn-key project for the nonprofit.

We started out just needing those who design websites, but recent projects have included needing print design experience as well. We need people familiar with WordPress (sometimes SquareSpace. We don’t usually create Wix sites), designers who know how to do logos, and other design skills.

Most of our websites are done in WordPress, which means we often need people familiar with CSS, PHP, and other languages. We’ve had the opportunity in recent years to produce non-website projects in languages such as Python. We love how our developers have been willing to jump in and do what is needed, even if it’s not a high-tech task.

Most website teams are assigned a writer. We recommend getting with your nonprofit before the weekend starts if at all possible to learn what you need to write the website copy. Working with the nonprofit and Project Manager will help everyone know what content is needed.

Sometimes we also need wordsmiths to help with other forms of writing that accompany the project.

Each year, it seems like this category changes. We have a growing need for expertise in SEO, security, social media, and other forms of technology including the Microsoft and Google platforms.

We need help setting up/clean up for each of the six meals, and volunteers for registration and checkin. Most of these volunteers will likely be organized by the committee and will not be required to be available all weekend