Your Vision Our Tools

Give us a weekend. We’ll give you technology that transforms.

You’re the marshmallow in our s’more.

Whether it’s our annual GiveCamp event or any new, upcoming events we host, we rely on you to share your vision and expertise. Without that input, we can’t create the tools and other resources you need.

Each year, based on the number of technical volunteers we have, the facility we are using, and the scope of the projects submitted, we select around 6-12 nonprofits to serve. 
Because our ultimate goal is to complete all projects in a weekend, it is imperative that your organization has someone with decision-making authority available to your GiveCamp team during the entire GiveCamp weekend.
When selecting our nonprofit partners, we evaluate the projects based on certain criteria:

  • Is the applicant an approved 501c3 with the IRS (not just the State of Arkansas)?
  • Can we complete the project over the course of the weekend?
  • Will the project greatly enhance the nonprofit’s mission?
  • Will the nonprofit be able to complete this project without our help? We want to give assistance only when it is needed.
  • Can the nonprofit maintain the project once it is complete? GiveCamp NWA does not provide ongoing technical support, so it’s important that the nonprofit has staff to maintain the project.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers. 

When will we know if we’re accepted?

We try to let the nonprofit applicants  know as soon as possible but it will depend on how many volunteers we get. When we send you an email letting you know your status (we will let you know either way), it will be about a month after the applications close.

We were accepted! Now What?

A few things will make your project run as smoothly as possible.  

  • While each team has an assigned copywriter, please make sure you have all information needed gathered up for your writer. Your assigned copywriter will help tighten the copy and fill in any gaps.
  • Graphic designers at GiveCamp are typically used to edit images and help make sure your branding stays consistent. They rarely have time to design a logo or branding strategy. If you need a logo, reach out to the team beforehand to see if resources are available. It really helps if you put it on your application so we know to expect the request.
  • Plan your project. Have an idea for the pages you would like on your site and how you would like them to function, and give some thought to what you would like to keep or change.  
    Your project manager will reach out 1-2 weeks before the event to help you solidify your project plan.
Do we really have to be there all weekend?

The short answer is yes.  
Someone with decision-making authority from your organization must be available to the team throughout the weekend.  
Not only will it make the process more efficient and keep things flowing smoothly, but it also serves as an opportunity for someone within your organization to learn the skills needed to help maintain your website or other tech tools. 
Remember that GiveCamp does not offer ongoing technical support after the event, so your team needs to understand how to update and maintain your technology. 




What if we don’t get in?

We only take a limited number of nonprofits each year, but we have a wait list if you didn’t make it into this year’s GiveCamp.  
That said, keep in mind that the goal of GiveCamp is to complete each project in a weekend, and often the scope of the project requested is simply too large.  

What should I bring?

We provide pens, notepads, post-its, and some other miscellaneous supplies, but we do not supply laptops or computers. 
Please bring your own computer, a charging cable, and a flexible attitude.

Are we really camping?

No- our GiveCamp isn’t really a camp.  
We try to wrap up work by 10 pm every night so our volunteers can make it home safely each night.
You can always get a hotel room close by if travel is too far, but we don’t offer reimbursement for nonprofit travel expenses.

What should I wear?

Comfortable layers. 
GiveCamp is a casual event.  
We suggest you bring a sweater in case you get cold.