Event Schedule

No two GiveCamp events are ever the same, but a typical GiveCamp might look something like this:


Meet, Greet, Start the Fire

GiveCamp begins with food and friends! 
After chow time (we start at 6pm), we break into our teams and get to know the charity we’re working with. Project Managers set the strategy and assign tasks to the team going forward. 


Build Phase

Saturday is an all-day whirlwind of activity.  
Copywriters complete the writing, designers and developers build the site, and the entire team pulls together to create magic.  
Food and refreshments are provided throughout the day to keep the teams charged up and moving forward (Lunch around noon and dinner around 6pm)


The Final Touches

Teams get together to put the finishing touches on their projects and prepare it for final presentations.  

Nonprofit Presentations

Each nonprofit has an opportunity to present their new website along with their mission and message to the volunteers at the event.