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Join the 2019 GiveCamp NWA Planning committee!

As a non-profit that serves only other nonprofits, we are in a unique position that we can help affect thousands
of people by serving nonprofits the way that we do. We have people tell us every year that they want to join the
GiveCamp NWA fun but either don’t have the required technical/creative skills, or they don’t have the
flexibility to block off an entire weekend. We get it!

That’s why one of the changes we are making this year is to involve a planning committee to help get prepared for
GiveCamp. We’re not going to lie, this will also help the 2-3 people who have been planning GiveCamp on our own
for years. More hands make light work and all that!

We’ve already started planning this year’s GiveCamp so some work has been done. But below are some of the roles
we could use a few folks to help with! Contact us at info@givecampnwa.org and let us know where you want to plug in.

Swag procurement

We love loading our volunteers and nonprofit reps with great swag! Can you help?

Swag procurement volunteers will:

  • Reach out to companies that would be willing to
    offer swag for our volunteers and nonprofits
  • Coordinate delivery or pickup of all swag
  • Be available the day before GiveCamp to help stuff
    swag bags

Sponsors for Meals

At GiveCamp, we love feeding our more than 75 volunteers delicious meals and
snacks. This takes a bit of coordination and, of course, money to do! 

Meal Sponsor/Meal Procurement committee members will:

  • (We’ve already got the meals planned for this
    GiveCamp, but next year’s committee will include helping plan the meals.)
  • Work with the Sponsor committee members (currently
    the board of directors) to get the meals sponsored partially or in full
  • Determine who will be picking up/delivering meals
    the days of the event.


Communications for GiveCamp are vital throughout the entire year, but especially
in the months leading up to GiveCamp. Areas where we can use assistance include:

  • Social media management (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Writing blog posts (especially for sponsor
  • Assisting with newsletter writing
  • Working with local media to garner timely

Project managers

A big part of making GiveCamp NWA a success is managing the nonprofit projects.
Each nonprofit project team will have a project manager that will work closely with the nonprofit before and
during the event. Project manager duties include:

  • Helping the Non-profit Manager and Volunteer
    Manager (board members) determine if a project is feasible (as needed)
  • Meeting with their assigned nonprofit to determine
    the details of the project and what skill sets will be needed
  • Work with the nonprofit and team members to make
    sure the right information, graphics, etc. are gathered and used during the project
  • Being the liaison between GiveCamp NWA and the
    nonprofit before and during the event
  • Manage the Non-profit expectations before and
    during the event when changes happen
  • Be an advocate for the Non-profit during the

Join us! 

We would love to have your help! Please email us at info@givecampnwa.org and let us know how you can help.