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Our first mini-GiveCamp of 2021: 7hills Homeless Center

With last year’s GiveCamp being entirely virtual, we realized that we had another way to serve nonprofits without having to plan a massive event with 100 people, six meals, and tons of other details.

Virtual GiveCamps make it easier to implement an idea we’ve wanted to do for a while, which are what we call “Mini GiveCamps”. We had our first mini GiveCamp of 2021 mid-April when we created a new website for 7hills Homeless Center.

The new 7hills site has pictures that better tell their story, colors that are more modern, and easier navigation. And so much more!

7hills’ mission is “to develop and implement collaborative, local solutions that foster hope, opportunity, and stability for people experiencing homelessness.” Located in Fayetteville, they offer the day center and their HOPE program.

Like any GiveCamp, we had last minute changes to our team, but we got it done! We loved working with Jessica from 7hills. The project included tweaking their site colors, refreshing their website copy, a new theme, and new features. This new site will make it easier for them to serve their clients, volunteers, donors, and all other stakeholders.

Top left to right: Ryan Bratton was our WordPress Wizard, Jamie Smith was Project Manager, Sara White was our Writer, and Jessica is the Executive Director of 7hills.

Interested in volunteering for a GiveCamp or perhaps being a nonprofit that receives our services? Contact us at info@givecampnwa.org.