Let's Go Camping!


This is our signature, annual event where we host 8-12 nonprofits and build websites (and sometimes other forms of online technology tools) all weekend! This event usually involves 75 to 100 people, food, swag, and lots of fun. The event is usually the first weekend of October and participants have the option to be in-person or work remote.

Learn more about the GiveCamp process here. Learn more about the GiveCamp weekend schedule here.

Mini GiveCamps

We are working to bring back our mini GiveCamps! These are much smaller, entirely remote events where we have one nonprofit and a small team of volunteers assembled. We meet over Zoom (or a similarĀ  platform) to work. Since we’re entirely remote, there are no group meals, etc. Mini GiveCamps are great for a nonprofit that has a need before our annual event in October. If you would like to be put on the list for a mini GiveCamp, please email info@givecampnwa.org. By the way, the weekend schedule is pretty similar to the big GiveCamp event but a little less intense.

Join Our Campfire (GiveCamp Communications)

GiveCamp NWA uses Slack to communicate between teams during the event. We automatically add volunteers and nonprofits to the account each year prior to the event.
We’ll create specialized Slack channels for each team and other important groups.

Watch for general updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!
(Our handle is @GiveCampNWA on all the platforms except for LinkedIn and you can find us by searching GiveCamp NWA)

Please use the official GiveCamp NWA hashtag on all social media, so everyone can share in your experience: #givecampnwa.