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group of people standing next to each other posing for a picture. They are a team that worked on a nonprofit website.

Furthering your vision

As a nonprofit organization, you have a mission to serve and technology often makes fulfilling your vision much more effective. At GiveCamp NWA, we consider our nonprofits not only our clients, but our partners. Whether it’s our annual GiveCamp event or any new, upcoming events we host, we rely on you to share your vision and expertise. Without that input, we can’t create the tools and other resources you need.

Nonprofit Requirements

Like any nonprofit organization, we must have guidelines for who qualifies for our services and the expectations for those clients. These are designed to make it possible for us to best serve you, the nonprofit.

General qualifications for any event we host:

  • Must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization
  • Must be based in Arkansas and serve Northwest Arkansas/River Valley directly in some way (for example, a statewide nonprofit based in Little Rock but they serve NWA is great).
  • Please respect us and our volunteers. Many of them not only are providing their services for free, but they are taking time off work and even paying for travel to participate.

Requirements for our annual GiveCamp event:

  • All general qualifications listed above must be met
  • The project must be feasible for our teams to complete in a single weekend (you’d be surprised at what we can do…please at least apply)
  • A representative with decision-making power and knowledge of the nonprofit must be present the entire weekend. It does not have to be the same person the entire time but choosing to not follow this rule will likely result in removal from GiveCamp as it will make it nearly impossible to complete the project.