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Gold Sponsor: STOPWATCH

Whether it’s sending an entire team of employees to volunteer, or making a direct financial donation, STOPWATCH has been a major part of GiveCamp NWA for several years. They are a gold sponsor this year. Their donation will be used to fund nice swag bags and part of the food this year for GiveCamp!

If you are trying to remember teams from STOPWATCH, think Stonehenge Technology Labs. They rebranded earlier this year to STOPWATCH, which is their signature product.

So, who are they?  STOPWATCH started in 2014 under the direction of the amazing Meagan Bowman. She is still at the helm as CEO and has built a top-notch team.  

Around the time what was then Stonehenge started, brands and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry started to list products online. Amazon could not be ignored, and the Stonehenge team watched manufacturers spend millions of dollars on digital advertising.

They were amazed that agencies overseeing a brand’s ad spend were not held accountable for actual sales performance, let alone profitability metrics. At that time, “online success” was measured by impressions and clicks, not actual sales that could be tied to the digital campaigns.

The folks at Stonehenge were determined to build software that helped manufacturers who had a great product but lacked the appropriate and effective digital marketing strategy and implementation.

What’s more, they established five premises that are the foundation of everything they do on behalf of their STOPWATCH members:

  • The cost for consumers to switch between online retailers is low.
  • The motivation for online retailers to keep consumers on their site is high.
  • Brands and manufacturers have a lot to measure but real-time decisions are few and far between.
  • Established brands should NOT be losing the online selling game.
  • Smart organizations are more connected than ever before.

Between these concepts and their focus on speed, STOPWATCH continues to be a leader in helping CPG manufacturers win at the ever-evolving digital marketing game.